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"I want people to know that I wouldn’t marry someone just for publicity. That’s just not me. I love her. This is serious. I hope people believe it. If not, then, hey, too bad for them. I love Lisa Marie. Why won’t people believe that? Why won’t the public let me be happy? Why should I have to explain how I feel about my wife in a press release?The press release was Lisa Marie’s idea. She wanted to set the record straight. If it was up to me, I would have just said, “Let people think what they want.”"

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"One of the best moments is right here, it’s right in the middle of the show and it’s my birthday, and I’m thousands of miles away from my family. When they surprised me with a full marching band and then they brought out a huge beautiful birthday cake… I realized I’ve got family all over the world everywhere I go, cause my fans really show me their love… and I love them just as much."

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i feel very thankful and blessed to have the ability to do what i’m able to do, cause it could have been easily someone else it didn’t have to be me but i was chosen and i love it and i cherish it and i think its a wonderful feeling” - michael jackson

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Cuteness Overload


Cuteness Overload

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Never afraid to love

Never afraid to love